Collection: Don't Squash Me

Don’t Squash Me Description

The illustration titled “Don’t Squash Me” features a cartoon-style beetle with a vivid green body, portraying a sense of comical distress. The beetle is centrally placed on a circular blue surface that has the appearance of a dish, with the interior painted a darker blue and the rim outlined in a lighter green shade. Hovering above the beetle is a speech bubble with the phrase "Don't Squash Me" in playful, bold lettering, emphasizing the beetle's urgent request. The beetle's glossy exterior is highlighted by droplets that seem to be either sweat or tears, adding to the overall sense of its anxious plea. The blue backdrop serves to effectively draw attention to the beetle.
When this illustration is used on items such as T-shirts or tote bags, it conveys a message that transcends the literal meaning. The beetle's plea, "Don't Squash Me," can be interpreted as a metaphorical statement from the wearer, advocating for personal space, individual recognition, and respect from others. It symbolizes the wearer's call for acknowledgment and the affirmation of their own presence and worth.
Furthermore, the design can also represent a broader appeal for animal and environmental welfare. It can serve as a visual reminder of the vulnerability of small creatures and the importance of their conservation. The plea not to be squashed can be understood as a broader environmental message, encouraging mindfulness about the impact of human actions on the natural world. In this way, the illustration resonates on multiple levels, from personal identity and social interaction to environmental consciousness, making it a versatile and meaningful design.

Meet the Artist: Takara

Takara is a beacon of creativity, seamlessly weaving her identity as an artist, dancer, musician, and wordsmith into the fabric of her existence. As a perpetual wanderer whose journey has spanned the landscapes of the Far East, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania, and now the Pacific Northwest, Takara embodies the spirit of a global artistic influence. Her life, a tapestry of diverse cultural experiences, fuels her passion for everything from the rhythmic flow of dance on sandy shores to the exhilarating thrills of skiing down majestic mountains.
In her worldview, Takara champions the belief that humanity holds a pivotal responsibility in fostering compassion among neighbors, pursuing profound understanding, and safeguarding the breathtaking beauty of our diverse planet. With unwavering dedication, she commits to contributing to a collective effort to enhance global harmony, positioning herself as a distinctive voice among Pacific Northwest artists dedicated to making the world a more compassionate place.

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