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Tea Pets - Chinese Calendar

Tea Pets - Chinese Calendar

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Meet our delightful collection of 12 Retro Ceramic Chinese Tea Pets—each a charming representation of the animals in the Chinese zodiac! These adorable companions make your tea-drinking experience even more special because, let's face it, everything's better with a friend by your side!
You can choose your new tea pet companion based on your birth year, the current year, or simply because you fancy it! Each one brings its own unique personality to your tea ritual.
The practice of keeping tea pets dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368)—a tradition where tea enthusiasts share a bit of their daily brew with their ceramic friends. As time goes by, your tea pet will gradually soak up and store the aromas from past teas enjoyed together. The result? A lovely fusion of scents that adds an extra dimension to every future cup you brew.
In short, these aren't just cute figurines—they're carriers of scent memories and timeless tradition. Having a tea pet can add an additional layer of enjoyment and nostalgia to your daily tea routine. So why not adopt one (or more!) today? After all, nothing beats savoring a comforting cup of tea in good company!


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